Let’s face it: the Dobbs decision unleashed a fury of hostility and resistance towards the pro-life movement. As we face the future, we must be resolute in our purpose. Only by standing and working together can we survive and thrive.

The following are some of the ways our team works to encourage and support your team:

  • Phone and Email Consultations
    When you feel isolated from others, you become hesitant to speak out. To maintain our strength, we send regular updates by email and make concerted phone calls to each of our affiliated centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes.
  • Periodic Onsite Visits
    Lifelink representatives take the time to visit each life partner to provide insight, training, and education. Having partners across North Carolina, we provide statewide vision and keep you abreast of legislative challenges and local initiatives.
  • Prayer Support
    As a pro-life ministry leader, you experience the daily pressure. Our team takes time to pray with you and over you. Prayer is a vital part of our work.
  • Nurturing Relationships
    Through our annual conference and regional events, we help nurture relationships among leaders. We are stronger together.



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